About Us

Our company DENMERSAN METAL was established in 2008 at Respect for our business, meticulousness in our work, to provide the best service to our customers, to provide a solid and low-cost business with quality is our basic principles. DENMERSAN METAL, with the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service in the most economical conditions, responds to the stairs and metal works demands of the companies with its expert staff. DENMERSAN METAL, which has set out with the principle of speed and quality, is progressing confidently towards becoming a leading company in its sector without compromising respect and tolerance in its ladder and metal works services.

At present, it is the solution partner of many companies in all kinds of ladder and metal works of many operators.

Our Excellence Policy

Businesses aiming for excellence demand that their products be delivered to the market with the same understanding of excellence.

Today, staircase and metal work is a vital part of management.

Our Vision

DENMERSAN METAL has undisputed confidence in supply chain solutions in our country. Thanks to the high technology and trained human resources it uses, it has succeeded in ensuring that the customers it serves have received much better service than its competitors in the market based on a more appropriate and variable cost account.

The company realizes the optimum solutions to meet the needs of its customers from different sectors with its own human resources and financial opportunities without making any investment expenditures for its customers. The control of product and information in the supply chain, which is the most important problem for many organizations, has also eliminated the waste of time and financial resources spent on logistics requirements and has managed to create a structure that can call its customer "Just Ask".

Our Mission

To offer programmed ladder and metal works services that increase the economic profitability of our customers by applying the technological infrastructure with our innovative, team that provides service to its customers and offers alternatives.